DivineUnity has several logos. The one featured on this webpage is the Fibonacci Tao which symbolized eternal growth of compassionate spirituality.
One can see the the Golden Rule expressed via the upper and lower geometrics. The Phi symbol is above and below expresses the ever expanding consciousness within Humanity of our Unity with all life, with each other and always with the Divine.
DivineUnity also has 10 principles 1. There is One Power
2. The Kingdom is Within
3. I am an individualized expression of the Divine
4. My thoughts and beliefs give specific form to Spirit
5. The principle at the basis of our own lives is the Law of Cause and Effect.
6. We are endowed with free will and thus can embody DivineUnity by choosing Compassion.
7. Evil is not a separate force but a misuse of the Law.
8. Changing my thinking, changes my life.
9. There are Tools which enable us to transform our Consciousness
10. All these principles assist us in realizing our DivineUnity
which although always present may not be realized because of 'obscurations or delusions'. Individual Realization of DivineUnity can be recognized by a person's compassionate action and being a consistent, positive presence. Although each person is responsible for his or her own personal spiritual evolution, we are also collectively responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a peaceful and prosperous ecologically balanced planet which is rooted in commonly understood laws that are fair and equally applied and rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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DivineUnity is about compassionate fellowship

DivineUnity offers a number of ways to become an ordained DivineUnity minister. DivineUnity considers a minister to be an ambassador of Goodwill, Compassion, Faith and Understanding. The first requirement of DivineUnity ministry is "the Call." The call means that a person is called by Spirit to be a minister meaning that his/her ministry is not simply a "career" choice but rather a passionate call to spiritual healing and teaching the enlightenment principles as articulated in the 5 belief documents of DivineUnity.

The second requirement is training. We do not automatically grant ordination or offer ordination for a fee. The training requirement can be satisfied in a number of ways. First and foremost any Divine Science or Religious Science Practitioner or any ordained New Thought minister may be ordained after passing the DivineUnity ministerial boards. Any individual who successfully completes One-Spirit Ministries Metaphysical / Ministerial school may be ordained after passing the ministerial boards. We also accept degrees from the University of Metaphyics, but all candidates must pass the ministerial boards.

The boards test for three criteria.
1. Has the candidate created a spiritual practice using the 7 Tools of Transformation / Keys to Heaven & is the candidate sufficiently knowledgeable of these Tools / Keys to teach them skillfully?
2. Is the candidate sufficiently educated to serve as a Universal Ambassador to all people of all faiths?
3. Is the candidate able to sincerely articulate his/her call to ministry such that we understand his/her motivation to ministry is compassionate and positive?

When a candidate has passed the boards, then ordination is done by three DivineUnity ministers one of which must be female and one of which must be male. The candidate may have additional New Thought ministers attend his/her ordination ceremony and/or sign the back of his or her ordination certificate.

Being ordained by DivineUnity means the individual has entered a covenant to teach DivineUnity New Thought and the 7 Tools of Transformation / Keys to Heaven. DivineUnity ordination means that an individual is knowledgeable about the majority of major religions and can act as a knowledeable and compassionate ambassador and liaison to and between these faiths. There are many fellowships which operate on principles similar to Quaker fellowships. DivineUnity has three certifications: DivineUnity Practitioner, DivineUnity Minister & DivineUnity Teacher. To be ordained in DivineUnity an individual must go through training, sit examinations, pass the ministerial boards and by the time of ordination demonstrate a higher degree of Spiritual Evolution.

DivineUnity ordination does not preclude nor deny the ordination of any other New Thought denomination. It may be attained as one's sole ordination or an additional ordination demonstrating one's committment to facilitating the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity.

New Thought is a movement that is over 150 years old,
of which we are only one denomination. We are new and thus don't have many centers throughout the world yet but we support all of New Thought.
There are many wonderful denominations which are older than ours,
having been formed in the 19th and 20th Centuries. We have done our best to assemble a representative sampling of New Thought beliefs for your convenience. We encourage you to attend their spiritual centers. They are all wonderful and unique and
through exploration you can find the center which best suits your needs.
In Divine Unity we believe it is essential to build a spiritual practice
  There are Seven Tools of Transformation which can be used to enable us to transform our thinking and thereby our lives and the world we live in. These tools are: i) The Word ii) Journaling; iii) Goal Setting/Planning;
iv) Contemplation; v) Visualization;
vi) Affirmative Prayer (Spiritual Mind Treatment); vii) Meditation


Divine Unity is New Thought for the New Millennium© believing not only that there is truth in all religions and respecting all compassionate spiritual paths. Divine Unity includes the UDHR in its beliefs.

DivineUnity Affirms
DivineUnity Believes
Divine Unity Practices
DivineUnity Principles
What We Teach Our Children


We affirm that there is one Energy, Universal Consciousness, Transcendent Cause, Being/Beingness, Love, Buddha Nature, which may also be called God/Goddess whose embrace is both universal and individual. That as we realize our DivineUnity with this energy we embody Compassion, Goodness, Wisdom, Love, Justice, Mercy, Truth, Power, Peace, Plenty and Joy more

Love, Compassion, Humility and Gratitude are major tools of the heart on our spiritual journey.
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