How do you get a handle on your unconscious? You develop a spiritual practice and include the tool of Visualization.

Visualization is a powerful tool which enables us to transform ourselves and the lives we are leading. It assists us in bringing about quantuum leaps in consciousness and when applied with compassion for ourselves and joyful acceptance of transformation our lives and the lives we interact with become better.
With a little practice, you can cause wonderful to manifest in your life. Visualization is a way of using your mind to manifest things. Everyone is already using Visualization in their lives but the majority of people are not using it consciously with purpose. People who tell themselves that they are unlucky, unloved, unattractive, or unable to do things create that reality and begin to live it. This can happen unconsciously and usually does. In contrast to this, people who think they are fortunate, loved, beautiful/handsome begin to create this reality for themselves.
The term affirmation is usually associated with a positive verbal statement that is made about some goal that we are trying to reach, or some experience we desire to manifest in our lives. Some say that the act of affirmation is an act of faith. It can be an act of faith but it is definitely using the power of your speech to reprogram your mind and through this to transform your life.
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Visualization is a favorite tool of the megastar basketball player Michael Jordan. It is used by countless successful people in the world. It is used by most people unconsciously and thus creates randomly instead of intelligently. Once we begin consciously directing and using this tool it becomes a powerful tool to enable us to achieve better results and create better lives.

Visualization is the act of directed imagination. Seeing the results of your actions prior to taking action. In the case of Michael Jordan, he would visualize the basketball going through the hoop and thus his mind and body were united in the goal and the results can be seen for themselves.


When you are ready to begin practicing this tool, you begin by:

Deciding what you want and writing it down in your Journal.
The best thing to focus on is yourself. Write down what you want to change about yourself. Deeper Wisdom, deeper compassion, the ability to make important decisions easily. These type of things will result in changes in yourself which will lead to major changes in your life. Do you want better health? Visualize yourself having better health and doing the things that bring about better health. Remember the tool of Goal Setting / Planning. You will be writing down what you want in your life and then developing a vision of having that life. Start with "easier" goals, then you can work up to "harder" ones.

Next, begin picturing the idea or object exactly as you want it to be. See yourself in the situation, using the object as if you already possessed it. Make sure you see this very clearly. You might also draw the scene to reinforce the idea, although, this is not strictly necessary.

Once you've got the picture in your head, think of it often. Not only when you are relaxing or meditating, but throughout the day as well. This is the process of sending that positive energy out into the universe. Remember the old saying "You reap what you sow"? Well, you're "sowing" when you think of what you want. The more positive energy you send out, the more you will get back.

Lastly, BELIEVE that you are in the situation you want to be in, that you have the object that you need and it will manifest. Let go of contrary negative beliefs as they will work against your gaols. Negative energies and lack of clarity will counteract what you're trying to achieve. Develop an "attitude of gratitude" giving thanks for what you are envisioning in your life. As things manifest and your beautiful vision becomes your life, continue this attitude, giving thanks all the time.


Quantuum Physics teaches us that there are amazing and wonderful natural forces at work in the Universe which enable causation to bring about changes that appear to be far from the original cause. This is sometimes referred to as the Butterfly Effect which is described as a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon which results in a rain in China.

Such amazing concepts are increasingly becoming accepted in our lives. In fact, in the 1920's when Nona Brooks and other writers envisioned a world where you could turn on a nob on the wall and get various music channels or moving pictures, many people laughed at them. Today we have radio in cars and motion pictures delivered via You Tube.

Too many times people will declare a reality that is not pleasant and begin to live it.

Begin by writing down the things you want to happen in your life. Then develop some "touchstones" to bring these things into your mind as regular thoughts. This will create a positive energy about whatever it is that you are constantly touching on in your mind. This energy will begin to push out the negative energy and soon your new positive reality will begin manifesting.

There are some important principles to remember when practicing this tool. First of all, you should not direct the tool at other people, particularly in a negative way. If you begin attempting to manipulate others using this tool, it will often bounce back on you and result in problems in your life. This is because you are interacting with energies outside of yourself that are in the compass of other people's control. Thus you cannot predict the outcome. It is wise to simply focus on your own life and not attempt to apply this tool to anyone else's reality.

But I know it was not a miracle, it was just the power of Right Speech.
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