Pray entered Middle English as preyen, prayen,and preien around 1290, recorded in The early South-English Legendary I. 112/200: And preide is fader wel ȝerne, in the sense of "to ask earnestly." The next recorded use in 1300 is simply "to pray." The word came to English from Old French preier, "to request" (first seen in La Séquence de Ste. Eulalie, ca. 880) In modern French prier, "to pray," the stem-vowel is leveled under that of the stem-stressed forms, il prie, etc. The origin of the word before this time is less certain. Compare the Italian Pregare, "to ask" or more rarely "pray for something" and Spanish preguntar, "ask." Wikipedia

There are a variety of approaches to understanding prayer:

  • The belief that the finite can actually communicate with the infinite;
  • The belief that the infinite is interested in communicating with the finite;
  • The belief that prayer is intended to inculcate certain attitudes in the one who prays, rather than to influence the Divine;
  • The belief that prayer is intended to train a person to focus on the Divine through philosophy and intellectual contemplation;
  • The belief that prayer is intended to enable a person to gain a direct experience of the Divine;
  • The belief that prayer is intended to affect the very fabric of reality as we perceive it;
  • The belief that prayer is a catalyst for change in one's self and/or one's circumstances, or likewise those of third party beneficiaries.
  • The belief that the Divine desires and appreciates prayer

The act of prayer is attested in written sources as early as 5000 years ago.

The term affirmation is usually associated with a positive verbal statement that is made about some goal that we are trying to reach, or some experience we desire to manifest in our lives. Some say that the act of affirmation is an act of faith. It can be an act of faith but it is definitely using the power of your speech to reprogram your mind and through this to transform your life.
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In DivineUnity, we teach that the best way to pray is the practice called Affirmative Prayer. It is the way that Yeshua (Jesus) demonstrated how to pray and till recently it was only taught to priests. A five step process, each step has a name:
1. Recognition,
2. Unification,
3. Realization,
4. Thanksgiving,
5. Release

This does not mean that other ways of prayer are wrong, it is just that we have learned that Affirmative Prayer is prayer that gets results.

When used in conjunction with the other tools, you will develop a Spiritual Practice that enables you to be fully aware of your DivineUnity.


Affirmative Prayer has 5 Steps

Step 1 - Recognition
--this step is where we are recognizing that GreatSpirit/God/Good is flowing through everything and always here. It is only our perspective that keeps us from knowing this truth. 

Step 2 - Unification
--this step is where we are recognizing that because Great Spirit/God/Good flows through everything, then it flows through each person always and is flowing through me right now.

Step 3 - Realization
- -this step is where one is realizing that since God/Great Spirit/Good is flowing through everything, and through me all the time, that I must only realize the truth that I am one with whatever good I am asking for and in that knowledge it will manifest in my life for highest good.

Step 4 - Thanksgiving
--at this point it is very important to feel gratitude. This is considered one of the most important steps. The feeling of gratitude and thanksgiving is essential. Feel this thanksgiving deeply and feel the beauty of the fact that what you are asking for will manifest.  Have faith in this and express this faith through gratitude.

Step 5 - Release
--at this point you are releasing your word into the hands of God/Great Spirit or what physicists call the Unified Field of First Cause knowing that all that you have asked for that is good will manfest. You have planted the seeds and they will manifest according to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect because "as ye sow, so shall ye reap."

Various spiritual traditions offer differing devotional acts. There are schedules of prayer, morning and evening, 4 times a day, 5 times and continuous. Prayers said over meals, over babies, over the dying and the dead. Some people bow their heads and fold their hands, others dance, twirl and whirl. A common tradition throughout the world is chanting which goes into the territory of meditation. Quakers and others have silent prayer. Some pray according to standardized rituals and liturgies, while others prefer on the spot spontaneity & extemporaneous prayers. Still others, combine the two. In DivineUnity we focus upon the way that Jesus/Yesua prayed which is called Affirmative Prayer.

Affirmative Prayer can also be called Spiritual Mind Treatment

Below is an Affirmative Prayer. As you can see it has 5 steps. Each of these five steps has a function in bringing the person who is praying into understanding of his or her unity with Great Spirit/God/Good.  (If you wish, one may use the term First Cause, when sharing with friends who are following Buddha Dharmas. You may also explain it to them using the terms God or Goddess, Christ or any term that describes God/Good which is the force that permeates everything.) 
Read it through and following it will be an explanation.

1.Great Spirit is Everything. Great Spirit flows though everything, Great Spirit is now in the beginning and always. We are one in Great Spirit. 
2. Great Spirit flows through me, I am one with Great Spirit. Great Spirit flows though me now and always I know unity with all things as Great Spirit flows through me now and always.
3 I open up accept and receive wisdom, beauty, love and harmony into my life, I open up accept and receive deep joy, happiness and love into my life and open up to my transformation to deep understanding and Enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings.
4. I give thanks for this, I give deep, heartfelt, loving thanks for this and with utmost gratitude
5. I release this into the hands of Great Spirit, knowing that it is so and so it is.

There are many types of Prayer but experience demonstrates that 5 step Affirmative Prayer gets results.
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