The most common physiological effects of meditation are reduced blood pressure, lower pulse rate, decreased metabolic rate and changes in the concentration of serum levels of various substances.
The benefits of regular meditation have been widely reported in a variety of news sources.. These can include stress reduction, strengthening of the body's immune system, better organized thought processes, improved powers of concentration, enhanced powers of memory, refinement and enlivening of the nervous system, awakening of regenerative energies, slowing of biologic aging processes, and orderly functioning of the body's organs, glands, and systems.
Because of the above, regular meditation practice is now increasingly recommended by many physicians and health centers as a pleasant way for patients/clients to be increase their well-being. While the side-benefits can be welcomed and enjoyed, the primary purpose of meditation practice is to elicit clear states of consciousness and to facilitate progressive, authentic spiritual growth.
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Here is a basic meditation outline

Meditation is the process of withdrawing attention from externals, including physical and mental processes, and consciously focusing one's attention. One can focus on breath or on a mandala or use a mantra for focus. There are many types of meditation, various techniques or practices. Meditation normally involves concentrating on an object, such as a your breath, a candle, a sound or word, or a mandala which is pattern. Through the practice of meditation, one will be able to diminish the clutter of random thoughts that are constantly moving through the mind. Most importantly, your attachment to these thoughts, and your identification with them, progressively become less.

  I once knew a minister who often joked sarcastically thinking it was very humorous but members of his congregation did not. After many years of good service his board was happy to convince him it was time for him to move on. Even the last time I was visiting him, he was still doing it. He exclaimed: "I'll be damned!" This is not a very good example of Right Speech. I was visiting him with a spiritual man who was interested in creating a partnership with this minister to do some very positive work but this changed his mind. He no longer wanted to partner with the minister. All because of a bad habit of speech.

There are many types of meditation. Breathing meditation is said to be the mother of all meditations, yet this does not mean that one must believe that it is the only type of meditation or that you must master it. There is a type of meditation just for you and you will know it when you find it. So it is wise to try many forms and this way you will find the one that is right for you.


The important thing is to find the meditation that works for you. 
My favorite type of meditation is 'mantric meditation' which is done by reciting a mantra.  A mantra is a phrase either from sanskrit or from a holy text such as the bible or something that is positive that you make up.

But I know it was not a miracle, it was just the power of Right Speech.
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