Research has shown that journaling merely fifteen minutes each day, can improve ones health. There is a correlation between the expression of thoughts and feelings and one's sense of self worth. The stronger you express your feelings, the greater the transformation through the journaling process and thus the greater the reward
The purpose of our journals is both to help us express our thoughts and feelings in a deep, intimate and personal way, and also to express what we want to have in our lives and experiences. Our journals will include descriptions of our daily interactions with the people in our lives which will help us to chart our spiritual development. How are we responding? Are we choosing the path of love? Are we reacting instead of responding? Through tracking the feelings that arise out of our daily interactions, we can see how are part of the equation.
In contrast with the type of journaling that dwells on pain and frustration. Spiritual journaling is about how that pain brings us to deeper spiritual realizations which allows us to be free from suffering. The painful and challenging moments in our lives, the joyful experiences can give us a great insight into how we are living our lives and how we can make more empowering choices in the future. Our past choices brought us to where we are today, but we only have the now. Action in the present is the only way we can make a better future. How we write about the present and vision the future is essential to creating the future that we wish to have.
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We take a flexible approach to our journals which means we include pictures that we find, or make, sketches, articles from magazines and books, quotes from people in our lives or historical figures. When we go to our Spiritual Centers or as we read books we add the various bits of wonderful knowledge that assists us in our Spiritual Evolution.

The journal is a very powerful tool which assists us in recording our perceptions. The Journal, as the name implies, leads us on journey which helps us to reveal our true selves. We are not simply recording our experiences as in a diary. With a Journal, we are going beyond simply recording what "happens" in our lives to a process of transformation into our highest concept of ourselves. Your journal helps you to discover your higher purpose and from the raw stuff of being to create the person you truly wish to be. By combining the tool of journaling with the other tools, we will reveal the essence of our being is love, life and laughter. 

Often we may ask questions of ourselves in our journal and as we scribe on, answer these questions, in fact often more than once.

  Daily contemplation of ideas found in books or websites such as this one enable the spiritual journalist to reflect and transform, then to express that evolution through the journal. This will empower with positive thinking and feeling as we use this process to elevate our consciousness, thus the term New Thought has added meaning. Our journals are a process of reflection and renewal and should include our goals, wishes, desires and hopes as this will help us to develop a practical spiritually based plan to reach those goals. Our journals are our maps, which will enables us to reach our destinations. Our maps will have stopping off places on our journey to our final destiny. Thus we will develop immediate, mid-range and long term goals which can be easily observed and measured. Thus your journal will include the tool of Goal Setting/Planning.

Journaling is a way of tracking the development of our consciousness. This enables us to not only record our journey but also to write down our Goals and our Plans on how to reach those goals.
The best thing to focus on is yourself. Write down what you want to change about yourself affirmatively in the present tense. For example: " I am developing deeper wisdom, deeper compassion, the ability to make important decisions easily. These type of things will result in changes in yourself which will lead to major changes in your life.

We may find wonderful insights in films or watching TV, or through surfing the web.

The important thing is that we are able to express ourselves and allow for the journal to be part of our journey revealing our path and empowering us to see ourselves more clearly and make choices that are more empowering. Some people keep their journals on the web. These are called weblogs or blogs. They demonstrate a fearlessness about revealing their inner journey, but this is not essential to the process. Most people will keep their journals in a book. In fact in our Binding Journalism class, you will learn to bind your own journal.

Our goal is personal discovery and positive transformation knowing that
" as we change our minds, we change our lives."

Your journal is a special thing for you, so your choice is important in the sense that it is your journal and your personal expression. In our class on Journaling the Journey, writers will come to the web site and go to the daily contemplation page and write about that days contemplation and what that idea brings up in them. The depth of your writing is not as important as the process and putting pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard.

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