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As we move through life, we see a great many things that are beautiful and we also see things which are tragic. It is not what we experience but how we respond to what we experience that reveals our level of Spiritual Evolution.

Together we CAN make a difference. We do so through compassionate ACTION. We cannot hope to bring about any change if we do nothing. But in order to do the right thing, we must develop a spiritual practice which enables us to not only practice the presence of God, but to be that presence.

The answer is within each of us. It is not about being alone, it is about being in community with each other and with the Divine.

Keys to Heaven:
"On Earth, as it is in Heaven."
The Seven Tools of Transformation provide the keys to insure that together in partnership with the Divine we can create a better life for us all.

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Some would have you believe that New Thought is just about making money or just about the ego. But 21st Century New Thought is about partnership. Partnership with the Divine, partnership with life, and partnership with each other. At the heart of all true spiritual paths is the Equilibrium which is the also known as the Golden Rule. Compasson is the key. Compassion for others and yourself.
Thus far this been best articulated through John Nash's formula: The Equilibrium which can be summed up as:
"Do what is good for the group and what is good for you;
Do what is good for you and what is good for the group. "

It is quite simple. You should not exclude yourself from the group. You should do what is good for everyone but not forget yourself. It should be clear at this point in time in history that devolving into an ego maniac causes problems both for yourself, for your family and friends and when we look at the world today we see that the majority of problems occur in countries where the ego runs wild and thus there are huge inequities in society. quite simple
an old thought with a new understanding Thus the New Thought of the New Millennium is an old thought with a new understanding: compassion. Compassion that does not exclude yourself. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." But if you do not care about yourself, then how can you do this?
The commandment is clear if not somewhat complex to the uninitiated or thoughtless being. Treat others as you would have them treat you. Treat yourself with love and kindness and treat your fellow beings with the same love and kindness.
DivineUnity is often called the
New Thought of the New Millennium because we enfold John Nash's principle into our teachings and the (UDHR) Universal Declaration of Human Rights is part of our beliefs. We believe this century is the century of the
Love Based Spiritual Community

Spiritual friends are friends who encourage you upon your path to do good and be your highest self. Spiritual Friends

In Buddhism, one of the "three jewels" is the Sangha.
In DivineUnity we call this Fellowship.
Fellowship is Sangha

The monkey mind leaps from branch to branch.
As we develop our Spiritual Practice,
we are able to concentrate and cocreate.
Water the Seed of your Enlightenment and it will grow
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